How to Troubleshoot Xfinity Error Code 554?

Xfinity Error Code 554- Learn How to Fix? Troubleshooting Tips on How to Resolve Xfinity Error Code 554 by Email Care Experts. Xfinity is growing popularity around the world for providing one of the best servers for email sending and receiving. However, getting the Xfinity error 554: Email Bounce Back Error Message 554 is a regular occurrence, where the email bounces back to the sender instead of landing in the recipient's inbox. As a consequence, we've come to decrypt this error by looking at the causes and possible solutions for Xfinity 554 error.

Specification of Xfinity 554 SMTP Error 

The most common error code "Xfinity 554 bounce back error." We're offering to provide you with solutions of this error code right now.

What does the Meaning of Xfinity Error  Code 554 ?

The 554 error code indicates that Xfinity's receiving server is ignoring the content of the "From" and "To" headers, as well as the email's body.

It usually happens as a result of the Xfinity server's spam filtration AI and because the server doesn't really support your domain for security purposes.

Major Varieties of the 554 Email Error

    • Violation of Message Size 554 5.7.0
    • 554 5.7.1 Message was blocked because it contained spam content.
    • 5.7.1 [P4] 554 Due to spam content in the post, it has been blocked.
    • 554 5.7.1: Relay access denied to
    • 5.7.9 554 For policy purposes, this message will never be accepted.
    • 554 words RLY:B1 554 RLY:B1 554 RLY:B1 554 Message is not permitted.
    • [PH01] For policy purposes, email is not accepted.
    • Please see for more information. [120].
    • 554 sayings The message has been permanently rejected.
    • 554 delivery error: There's not a account for this user
    • 554 delivery error: There's not a account for this user  Declined (Mode: normal)
    • 554 words Recipient is not legitimate.
    • 554 words Mail that has been tampered with is not accepted!
    • 554 words The message is not RFC compliant; the “Date” header is missing 554. The message was turned down.
    • 554 There are no valid recipients, so goodbye.
    • 554 words Spam violation, your e-mail contains illegal characters, re-sent after inquiry 554 554 was rejected due to spam content, and 554 were rejected due to a virus.
    • 554 Entry to the relay has been denied 554 time. Sorry, but there isn't a mailbox with that name here.
    • 554 words Spam has been identified.
    • 554 words The transaction was unsuccessful. The spam message has not been queued. 554 words Virus was discovered, and the message was permanently rejected (#5.3.0).

Causes and Solutions for Xfinity Error Code 554

Xfinity Error  Code 554

Now that we've identified the concept, let's look at how to fix "554 permanent problems with the Xfinity remote server."

Cause: Sender IP Blacklisted

  • The reason for this is that the sender's IP address has been blacklisted.
    The sender's IP address has a poor reputation, which is the main cause of that error. It's likely that the sender's IP address has been blocked or blacklisted for spamming and open relays.
  • Most security systems, such as SpamHaus, DNSSBL, SORBS, and others, can block the mail server IP in such situations.
  • Xfinity services verify the reputation of an IP address before allowing a connection, and it will not be allowed to send emails.
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The first step in resolving the problem is to ensure that the sender's IP address does not have a poor reputation. As a result, the server must be protected and outgoing spam must be controlled. The best option is to disable POP and SMTP.

Cause 2: The sender was marked as spam.

Most users use filters and blacklists to keep spam at bay. Filters and blacklists set very strict guidelines for managing incoming junk mail, and they sometimes block messages that contain banned elements. The recipient's guidelines must be followed by all senders; otherwise, the emails will not be sent. For example, a message containing spam words will be restricted by the remote server because it was suspicious. Furthermore, Xfinity does not permit the sending of bulk emails since the email sending limit must be conformed to. The 554 error will occur in such circumstances.


Before sending a post, it's important to assess its nature. As a consequence, file formats, spam content, and unwanted content should all be disabled before submitting the file.

It's also crucial to ensure that your domain or IP is whitelisted on the list of recipients in order to keep the work flow going.

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Cause 3: Insufficient DNS Records

Another explanation the sender is rejecting your emails may be due to a bad DNS record for the sender's domain. RDNS (PTR), SPF, and DKIM are the most common variables used by the recipient server to verify the sender's identity.


To resolve issues relating to bad DNS records, make the necessary changes to the records as soon as possible. Third-party services can be used to retrieve the PTR, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and other DNS records.