How to Fix AOL Mail not Working on MacBook Pro?

Is your AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro?  You've come to the right spot. Follow these quick guidelines on your Macbook pro to get your AOL mail back. You probably won't get a message when you have access to AOL mail on Apple's mail app. This is the drawback of getting all your emails in one place. Keeping an app and a web browser open to access your emails usually gets irritating. Are you unable to check your AOL Mailbox?  Is there an error claiming that AOL Mail is technically unavailable? The issue with working with AOL Mail is very common. It can occur for many reasons and can be easily resolved. Sometimes, however, the AOL Mail service is down. You just have to wait for the problem to be resolved on its own when this happens. Read on to learn more about how AOL mail which does not work on Mac, iPad, and other devices can be fixed.

To do the same, you can create an Apple mail account on your Mac to access your AOL mail account.

Troubleshooting AOL Mail Not Working On MacBook Pro:

Some of the AOL mail problems consist around the sending and receiving of emails. What you need is to correctly troubleshoot both inbound and outbound to resolve almost all of the issues.

To troubleshoot the receiving AOL email on MacBook Pro:

One of the reasons why AOL Mail on Mac not working may be to mistype your email address or existing password.

For a quick search, follow these steps:

  • On your MacBook Pro, install AOL mail, go to the Email menu and click the Preferences option.


  • Open the account section in this window and select the AOL Mail Account button.
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  • Click the Account Details button and search your email address for some kind of error. If so, tap the drop-down arrow for the email address and edit the editing option.

Click the Account Details button

  • Click your full name or AOL mail address once, edit all of the mistyped information, and click OK.

Click your full name or AOL mail address once

  • Open the System Preferences tab to edit the password that you mistyped.

Open the System Preferences tab to edit the password

  • Tap the preferences on the Internet and select the AOL entry on the tab.
  • Enter your AOL mail ID and password correctly and click on the details.
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Open the System Preferences tab to edit the password

  • If required, change the description provided to your full name.

To Troubleshoot Sending AOL mail Messages on your MacBook Pro:

For AOL Not Working With Mac Mail, it is one of the main issues. It usually happens whenever the STMP server is wrongly configured. By following these simple steps, verify it:

  • All you must do is click and select the Preferences option on the Mail menu.
  • Tap the Accounts tab option and click on the AOL mail that you are having issues with.
  • Find the server setup and tap it.
  • Change it to an AOL mail mail server on the outgoing AOL mail menu.
  • Just use menu to verify these server settings and tap the Edit STMP server list.

Check the outgoing AOL mail server list to find the AOL mail entry to make sure that all the settings are correct or that any correction is necessary.
Also, during these troubleshooting steps, the settings can ask you to provide more details about your AOL mail account. When providing, follow these steps:

  • Troubleshoot AOL mail sending messages on MacBook Pro- IMAP Server

Troubleshoot AOL mail sending messages on MacBook Pro- IMAP Server

  • IMAP server: This is an server.
  • User IMAP Name: That is the name of your screen
  • IMAP Password: That's your password for AOL mail
  • IMAP port: which is 993
  • TLS/SSL IMAP: Set it to Necessary
  • Server SMTP Address:
  • User name of SMTP: The AOL screen name
  • SMTP password: Your AOL mail password
  • SMTP port: 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL: Required

For more problems/errors such as AOL mail not working on iPhone and AOL mail not working on Android, you can also look at multiple solutions. The ideas are divided into steps that anyone can follow and implement.

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