How to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is a well known brand used by most people around the world. It has achieved the users' trust and faith in a very short period of time. The app has different qualities; it can be said as all in a combo package that provides the best features that have made people's lives much easier. If you want to know more, then go to your device for Download AOL Desktop Gold, and it will be a very exciting journey. The software's best features include many things.

Highlights The Best Features Of AOL Desktop Gold

  • This is loved by many people all over the world, all in one software.
  • It involves email sending, scanning, content sending. Online surfing, playing sports, chatting, and much more.
  • It has an automatic upgrade function, until the program prompts some new version, and then automatically replaces the old one with the new one.
  • The software's speed and usability are fantastic and give another professional product in the market the main objectives.
  • Security is not at all a concern. A very important role is played by two-way verification and encryption.
  • Any time you will access your account it will the email id and the password you created during login will be accessed.
  • This would be the best way for all of the hackers to secure your account from being hacked or corrupted.
  • If you're using the app for a long time and want to switch to a new computer, it will automatically transfer usernames, passwords, emails, contacts, and task bar.
  • Even, the great thing about this is that later, it comes with the 30-day free trial; you can quickly take your choice subscription and go-ahead to take multiple advantages.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

Download AOL Desktop Gold

  • In many cases, if you are an AOL plan reward member, the AOL Desktop Gold Download process involves you, then you have to go to my benefits page, then check for the AOL desktop gold in the product section.
  • This will redirect you to the arrival of a new page and you will be able to press the download button.
  • If you have a gold trial or subscription option, then you can go to the account page easily and sign in.
  • This will ask you to click on the services or the subscription, that totally depends on user chooses.
  • Now, the procedure will start.
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Few Steps to Install AOL Desktop Gold  

Downloads Install AOLdesktop gold


When you need to download the app, you will carry out the installation process. To do so, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the file explorer button, which shows on your device's toolbar.
  • Double tap to install AOL Desktop Gold in the download folder.
  • Run and click the Right Now install button.
  • The entire installation process has been finished.

In terms of sending and receiving emails, the software provides one of the best services.

Emails are known as the easiest and cheapest way to convey information in any of the sectors, as in today's world.

Best Ways to Perform AOL Mail Login

  • Go to the web browser and type AOL mail login into the search Search window.
  • This redirects you to a new page where you will be asked to create an account. The basic information you have to filled it such as the location, date of birth, email ID account and password.
  • Make sure that whatever password you enter, including the lowercase, uppercase, and some of the numeric, must be strong.
  • Make sure you never disclose passwords to anyone or there are a lot of chances that they will get hacked.
  • You will be allowed to log in to the AOL email service after entering every detail.

You have to keep in mind some points when signing up for the account.

  • The connection to the internet must be very powerful.
  • The email identity and password should be correct; otherwise, you will not be able to receive the account at any cost.
  • If you have forgotten your password, just click the forgot password button and create a new one.
  • Never ever disclose to someone your password.
  • There are Hackers around everywhere, who have an eye on the account.
  • For the better protection, always keep the 2-way authentication key on.

In any case, contact the experts or technicians in the face of any of the difficulties.