How to Change Thunderbird Password?

Many users struggle with the process of changing the Thunderbird password and start searching over the internet for "how to change my Thunderbird password." Well, given the struggle and pain of many Thunderbird mail users around the globe, we have put together another guide to help users understand the correct method of change Thunderbird passwords. You need to remember that Thunderbird does not support a password edit option that is already saved, so you need to delete the password that you have already saved for your Thunderbird account, and then you can add the new password that you want to use.

  • We will cover the entire Thunderbird password change process for you in these section so that this "how to change Thunderbird email password ? Problem doesn't really stick around your mind and without any problem or issue, you can change the saved password for any Thunderbird email address.
  • This guide also indicates that you have already set up a Thunderbird email account for which you already have a password already saved.
  • If you are also looking for how to change my Thunderbird password, then the below-defined method of changing the Thunderbird password will be very helpful to you in changing the password of your Thunderbird account. As defined, just follow all the steps in sequence.
  • Let us begin with the process of changing the Thunderbird password by going to the Saved Passwords page. To go to the Saved Passwords tab, under the Tools menu section, select Options.
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  • And now you have to click on the Security option on the new page that gets loaded, then go to Password and then click on the saved passwords.
  • When you restart the Thunderbird application, you'll be asked to enter the new password for your Thunderbird email account. The new password is saved for your email after using it.
  • To stop entering your password any time you open the Thunderbird application, you can also check the checkbox reading "Use password manager to remember this password".

Here How to Change an Email Account Password in Mozilla Thunderbird?

Here's how to change Mozilla Thunderbird email password that is used by  to log into an email account (using POP or IMAP to receive and SMTP to send):

  • Change  Mozilla Thunderbird email account password.
  • We have guides to changing Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows Live Hotmail passwords.
  • Close the Thunderbird, then open it once again.

Change Thunderbird Password

  • In the main Mozilla Thunderbird toolbar, select Get Messages. The system will automatically try to get new mail as soon as you start the application, depending on your Thunderbird setting.
  • A login-error message should be issued, along with a pop-up window where you can enter your new information.

Change Thunderbird Password

  • Enter your new password of email accounts.
  • A new Mozilla Thunderbird log-in screen
  • Click OK, or select Next. Your account is required to sync as normal.

Fabulous! Great! As per the correct Thunderbird password changing process, the password for your Thunderbird email account has been successfully changed. We also covered a specific guideline to describing the complete Thunderbird email settings for those who have been looking for the same to customize their Thunderbird email account on different devices and email account platforms in response to the change Thunderbird password process.

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